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"How do you think we can continue to educate people about safe spaces and prioritising marginalised voices through music and events like UNITI?
In a perfect world, everyone’s aware of their privileges.One aspect of being part of any marginalised community is that it shouldn’t be your responsibility to educate people, but everyone has to learn somewhere - so it just depends on each individual's capacity (as it’s emotional labour) to be patient and talk about their lived experiences. I think through all of the elements related to my music (my releases, DJing, throwing events, social media), I’m always trying to make sure that my statements are very clear about what my views are. These values are care, equality and the betterment of life for people who are marginalised because they deserve to have spaces, representation and reparations. Representation is not just important to see someone you relate to, but also for people who are dissimilar, to show them that these differences are actually completely normal and just as much a part of someone else’s narrative as they are yours."

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